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Reading can provide a lot of benefits to anyone. If you'd like your child to reap those benefits for themselves, too, you first need to help them read effectively. To learn how to do just that, refer to the tips below.

How to Teach a Young Child to Read

  1. First, you should read with them. This will help them practice, it will give you two a chance to bond, and it will allow them to begin relating what you're saying to what's written.
  2. An important part of reading is knowing the alphabet and associating the letters with their sounds. Once your child learns them, teach them what different letters sound like when paired together.
  3. Rhymes can be helpful when teaching a child to read. If they already know how to read certain words, search for others with similar spelling and sound to help them move forward.
  4. Sounding out words is one thing, but understanding what is being read is another. Help your child with reading comprehension: explain vocabulary words, ask them questions, talk about the reading material, and get them engaged with it.
  5. Like with any other skill, practice is key. To encourage your child to practice more, let them choose the reading material they'd like to read. Just monitor that it's for their age and reading level.
  6. Finally, remember to be patient. Learning to read comes with its challenges, so don't pressure your child too much. Each child learns at their own pace.

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