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A strong vocabulary will allow you to communicate with and understand others on a higher level. To learn how you can build your vocabulary, continue learning.

How to Build Your Vocabulary

  1. The best activity to engage in to build a vocabulary is reading. The more you read, the more you'll find unknown words. Moreover, you'll be able to witness how great authors employ those words.
  2. There is a tool that can help you in your process to build your vocabulary: the dictionary. It will help you learn what those new words mean, as well as give you their pronunciation, their parts of speech, their synonyms, their antonyms, and more.
  3. Building your vocabulary is about much more than simply having a collection of new words you never use. If you want your new vocabulary to become part of your regular vernacular, write a little bit each day and make an effort to practice your vocabulary while you do.
  4. Having conversations with other people can also help. As you listen to what they say, pay attention to unfamiliar words they employ. When it's your turn to talk, make it a point to use those new words in your vocabulary.
  5. Lastly, know that vocabulary building can be fun, too. You can play a game to strengthen it . For instance, Scrabble or a crossword puzzle can help you practice your vocabulary inadvertently while you have fun.

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