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Starting a new school year can be very exciting. However, you need to be careful that said excitement doesn't turn into anxiety. Anxiety can appear when you feel unprepared, unable, when there's uncertainty or when you don't feel control over a situation (among other reasons). If you notice...

A child that has correct pronunciation can communicate more effectively and has more confidence when talking to others. However, proper pronunciation requires time, practice, and a bit of guidance. To learn how you can help your child in their pronunciation journey, the post below has some tips...

For children, drawing is a fun activity that allows them to let their imagination run wild and stay entertained for a few hours. However, drawing can do a lot more than that for your child. In this post, you'll learn the main reasons why you should encourage your child to draw more.

How Drawing...


Jigsaw puzzles can be enjoyable for children. Many of them are colorful and have characters that children enjoy on them. They can be a great activity for a child to pass the time and be entertained. However, jigsaw puzzles can be much more than that, as they can help your child in different...

Developing any new skill, even math requires practice and going through a learning process. However, using a calculator can interfere with that learning process, which is why some parents choose to avoid giving their child a calculator. If you've decided to provide your child with a...

Feeling stuck or unable to move on in a math problem can be overwhelming. If you're currently experiencing this, the post below will share a few tips so you can work through the challenging math problem and complete your assignment successfully.

How to Solve a Challenging Math Problem

  1. First,...

A well-read child will be more knowledgeable, have a stronger vocabulary, will formulate more complex thoughts, and will be able to communicate more effectively. Encourage your child to become an avid reader to help them reap these benefits. For tips on the matter, continue reading the post...

Are you ready to make the new year the best one yet? The new year gives you a fresh start to improve on different areas of your life. If you need help to come up with a few academic new year's resolutions to keep to improve as a student, the following post will list them.

Academic New Year's...


Reading can provide a lot of benefits to anyone. If you'd like your child to reap those benefits for themselves, too, you first need to help them read effectively. To learn how to do just that, refer to the tips below.

How to Teach a Young Child to Read

  1. First, you should read with them. This...

Even if you feel ready to start your winter break, you still have a little way to go. To make sure that you finish your year in the best way possible, follow the tips mentioned in the post below.

How to Finish School the Right Way

  1. The holiday season is upon us, and it's likely that you want to...


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